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The MBBS is a 6 year undergraduate program. The program is centred on case-based learning in the first three years. All learning is integrated, and is centred on the clinical case scenario. This provides the opportunity to learn both the science and clinical medicine in context of the case.

Clinical skills training begins in year 1 in a clinical skills teaching facility, and moves to a hospital in Year 3 for one day a week. In year 4 and 5, students are working full time in a clinical context, which can either be a hospital or community setting. The final year (year 6) has students completing a one semester pre-internship program, in medicine, surgery, and emergency medicine. This final year internship program enables students to gain valuable experience and to be work ready as Interns for the following year.

Students do have opportunities for electives and selectives, and can personalise some of their educational experiences to their areas of interest. In final year, one semester is devoted to selectives. Studentís preference clinical attachments based on their interests. Opportunities are available to do some components within Australia and internationally.

For students with an interest in rural and remote medicine, there is the opportunity to spend the entire Year 5 MBBS year in a rural location. This rural program is only available to domestic students. For more information on rural opportunities, please go to the Adelaide Rural School website.

Further details on the MBBS program, and its structure are available here.

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